The chemistry between Dan Broughton and Mickey Taylor was immediate, and both make it clear they want to flip fuck.The result is an amazing duo, filled with passion. There’s a lot to like about this scene, but some high lights are the piston fucking Mickey delivers to make Dan cum, and the attention Dan gives him as he’s shooting an impressive load from his raging cock. Both boys were still hard and playing with each other a half an hour after they finished this shoot.

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Puppy is sound asleep and having erotic dreams. His cock is hard underneath his pajama bottoms from the intensity of his dream. He wakes up and immediately starts playing with his boner. He pulls his hard dick and balls out of his pajamas and begins stroking. His balls slap against his ass crack, as he strokes his cock. Puppy is an exhibitionist and loves to have his straight naked body admired, while he’s jacking off. Puppy’s jacking becomes more rapid, and his abs and body tightens Then he shoots a warm load of cum onto his bedsheets.

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Waste not want not, is how the saying does. We all know that young guys often wake up with a morning boner, and Hunter is no exception. So he decides to deal with it and have a thick protein shake for breakfast, while he’s at it. Check it out as he jerks off and shoots his warm cum right into his own mouth!

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Damien Wolfe and Andy Taylor are cramming for class when Damien starts asking curious questions. The sexy straight boy asks Andy if he’s gay, what it’s like being out at school and if having anal sex hurts. Their conversation seems to have piqued Damien’s interest, so Andy fires back, testing to see why the smooth boy is actually asking. When the college buddies take a break, Andy proceeds to teach his eager new student everything he needs to know about having sex with another guy.

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The rain is pouring down as Seb Evans cautiously enters the dilapidated old mill, weaving through the rusty columns barely holding it up. Kayden Gray is leaning up against a wall, stroking is monster cock and waiting. They size each other up, before Seb gets down on his knees to suck on Kayden’s big dick. Seb then takes a hard face fucking, groaning and wailing with pleasure. As a bottom boy, he can’t get enough of that super sized cock. Kayden then fucks him all over the back wall, before a torrent of warm cum pumps from both boys.

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Taking ownership of Draven Torres’s ass is how Rocco Steele starts off the scene, as his face is buried deep between his ass cheeks. Rimming Draven’s hairy hole with the tip of his tongue, Rocco drives him crazy. With nothing more than some spit and sweat Draven slides down and rides Rocco’s massive 10×6 cock. He is thrown on his back and fucked deep, as Rocco drives his raw cock into Draven’s hole. Then Rocco fills him up with his seed, as Draven explodes his nut all over himself.

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Blond stud Jonny Kingdom walks in, hands his new master his lead and drops to his knees. Pulling his dick out and letting his boy work on it, the spit drips and dicks stiffen. Moving Jonny around to his hairy ass, he laps at Rich Kelly’s butt hole, there to pleasure him in any way he wants. Pulled onto the waiting sling, now it’s Jonny’s turn for ass play. Leather gloves are pushed into Jonny’s smooth hole and swiftly replaced by Rich’s tongue, eager to get deeper into that hole each time. Slamming his dick into Jonny, Rich pulls on the sling to make sure he doesn’t lose any depth. The first to shoot is Jonny, but Rich isn’t done yet and continues to fuck his hole until he pulls out and shoots over his boy’s chest.

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Both of these Japanese boys enjoy the sensual touch of a man. Long, lingering kisses with full on fondling, has both Riku and Nobu up and hard even before they undress one another. So sensitive are Riku’s nipples, that Nobu can’t help but spend some time licking them. Nobu is enthralled with sucking Riku’s dick. Then it’s the top’s turn and he pushes Riku’s face into his crotch. The pair intertwine their bodies, while sucking on each other’s hard cock. Nobu then lubes up Riku’s hole and finger fucks his bottom. Taking the bottom boy from behind, Nobu pants softly as he fucks Riku’s ass. Flipping to his back, Riku opens himself up fully to allow Nobu total access. Riku blows his load and a huge pool of cum lands on his smooth stomach. Pulling out, Riku strokes until he too unloads on his bottom’s belly.

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James Hard is a confident 28 year old jock, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a high sex drive and a huge uncut cock. He takes off his vest to reveal his broad chest and well developed pecs. James has a massive bulge straining against his white boxers, and takes his time stroking, before taking it out. The boy is packing almost nine inches, with plenty of foreskin and bulging veins. James strokes slowly, showing off his big meat, and gives us some hot hands free action, while he strokes his chest. On the sofa, James takes his time, building himself up gradually. His big sweaty pecs and abs stiffen, as he starts pumping out his warm cum all over his six pack.

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Ayden, Dakota and Damien are gay 4 pay and ready to get a little wild and kinky with some threesome action. Lots of action here, including a hot daisy chain fuck!

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After a sexy little interview, cute Emo boy Jaye Elektra gets naked and grabs hold of his big uncut cock. He strokes himself to the edge several times, before finally pumping out a nice warm load of twink cum.

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