There’s something beautiful about a summer fling that involves catching a cute boy’s eye, luring him away from his friends and sneaking back to the beach-side bungalow for a quick fuck. Evan gets Damien away from his buddies long enough to suggest they ditch them for a no strings attached sex romp. Their sun drenched play time is at its finest, as the boys suck dick and fuck the afternoon away, leaving a lingering smell of sweat, salt and sex.

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After watching These two go at it, pool cleaner Marcelo Pereira joins Bruno Bordas and Ricardo Souza making out in the pool. The three Latinos writhe with pleasure, and Bruno eventually ends up in the middle. His swim suit slides down and Marcello starts working his tongue up Bruno’s ass. Intrigued, Ricardo joins in. They pull Bruno from the water and take turns at both of his holes. The three shower each other in warm cum, before collapsing.

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Skippy Baxter Beats Off

Skippy Baxter is one of the sweetest and sexiest guys you could want to meet. It literally took Ben years to talk Skippy in to modeling for him. Secretly Ben just wanted to see this gorgeous man naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just a bonus. Well, Skippy is looking much more muscular these days. So Ben decided to get him over to strip naked one more time. He has appeared in many scenes now, with other guys, but getting him to pose alone is really a treat. He still gets a little nervous at the start of a shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked, while Ben takes lots of photos. Eventually Ben grabs the video camera and records Skippy fucking himself with a dildo and making himself cum all over his furry belly.

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The original place for sordid and unsolicited sex, toilets are the den of indiscreet and very public shows of raw sexual energy, where you don’t know who you’re fucking and you don’t even care. Checking out what’s on offer at the urinal, you choose the biggest dick on show and the cubicle will be your domain for as long as it takes to get the cum pumping. The horny fuckers here are in for a treat, every dick on display is huge. From Steven Prior to Darius Ferdynand, and the 9.5 inches of Kayden Gray, there’s not going to be a tight hole left, once the night is over. Muscles drip with sweat, dicks drip with cum and holes twitch, while covered in spit. The men have got what they wanted and the job is done.

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Brody Lasko and Ian Dempsey make a bet, while playing a game of pool. Whoever loses owes the winner a blow job. Somehow that simple bet turns into a full blown sex orgy, with plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking.

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Nicolas and Samuel Fuck

Two young twinks are alone in a medical office, with drawers full of sextoys. Both Nicolas and Samuel engage in all kinds of sex games and Samuel even fucks Nicolas, while there is a dildo shoved up his young ass.

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Hugo and Marcelo make out, until Hugo unzips Marcelo’s pants to reveal his huge cock. He immediately goes down the monster, making sure every inch is serviced. Marcelo then takes Hugo’s Latin meat in his mouth, before flipping him over to rim his ass. Hugo is groaning with pleasure as Marcelo licks his hole. Ready to bareback fuck, Hugo takes every inch of Marcelo’s big dick. His expressions switch between pleasure and pain, as his ass gets ripped apart. Marcelo fucks him mercilessly and then blows his cum load all over Hugo’s face.

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Cute Steven is a lean 18 year old , who and comes from Barcelona, Spain. His favorite things to do are playing guitar and dancing at the bar, besides jacking off for us, of course. Enjoy this sexy young Spaniard in all his naked glory!

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This mouthwatering twink strips naked and releases the large anaconda hiding inside his pants. Young Kody is seriously well hung, so be prepared to step back from your computer screens, as he needs a little room to play.

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This is the stuff wet dreams are made of. Four cute twinks rolling around naked, sucking, rimming and bareback fucking in the bed. These big dicked boys are full of cum, and before this hot gay sex orgy is done, its going to end up all over each other, and the sheets.


Tom White has just moved in to his new apartment and decides to christen it with a bareback fuck. He invites Frank Myers over treats him to a blowjob, before giving up his own cock for some servicing. Then, after some ass rimming and finger fucking, Tom sinks his hard cock inside his buddy. He bareback fucks him, until he’s ready to shoot, aiming his load directly into Tom’s mouth. Then he takes Tom’s cum load in the face.

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