Barber’s Chair Power Fuck

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Kayden pops in to the barber’s for his weekly trim from Jonny, who is running and asks Jace Tylerto look after him until he arrives. Jace had been looking him up and down since he came in the shop and he’ll take any excuse to straddle him in the barber’s chair. He offers to get Kayden prepped as an excuse to put him where he wants him. It doesn’t take Jace long to pump him up, lay him back in the chair and hop on. They suck and 69 in the chair, which is super adjustable. Kayden pushes him forward and gets a face full of Jace’s ass, loosening him up for what’s to come. Jace then sits down on Kaydens super sized dick and takes a ride. Getting Kayden out of the chair, Jace drives backwards into him taking all 9.5 inches doggy. Kayden then slam fucks him, practically pounding him through the floor. The look on Jaces face is priceless and intense, right until the cum soaked end.

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