Barebacking Backpackers

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Tom Smith, Martin Corvin and Luke Taylor go backpacking and the fresh air gets them horny. Backpacking soon turns to barebacking, all outdoors and with a castle in the background. Luke sucks Tom and Martin. Then Martin swallows as much uncut dick as he can. He even attempts taking both at the same time, but doesn’t have a big enough mouth. When the trio goes deeper into the countryside, Luke is spit roasted, sucking Tom while getting fucked by Martin. Then Luke rides Tom, impaling himself bareback, as their moans and grunts fill the open air. Luke cums first, his load fucked out of him as he strokes his cock, and Martin is there to lick it all up. Tom is soon blowing his load and Martin takes his, as well. Then, showered by the gentle rain from an approaching storm, Martin blows his seed all over Luke’s pretty face.

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