Dave Circus Fucks Kayden Gray

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While out shopping for his first ever dildo, Kayden Gray gets cruised by sexy Dave Circus, who follows him out the store. Walking down the street, they share a few glances. Kayden then leads him into what appears to be an abandoned building site. They connect and examine Kayden’s purchase, while pouring rain falls through the open elevator shafts of the site. Passionate kissing leads to hard sucking. Both guys are well endowed, with over 16 inches between them. Kayden bends over for Dave and they fuck on the dusty concrete. Kayden is a loud bottom, which is a turn on for Dave. Testing out Kayden’s new purchase, Dave isn’t afraid to fuck him as hard with it, as he did with his own cock. Kayden’s hole gets pumped hard, but never once does he complain.

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