Jason O’Connor Fucks Ben Grey

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Ben Grey is on his back, legs spread, as Jason prepares his ass for a good hard fucking with plenty of spit and deep fingering. Jason lays back on the floor and Ben sits astride him, grinding his hole against Jason’s throbbing eight inch cock. Then he eases it in and starts riding it slowly, gradually speeding up, while Jason pulls his butt cheeks apart to fuck him deep. Next, Ben leans against the sofa and Jason pushes his big cock back inside, first fucking with the tip, showing plenty of length, then going deeper and harder. The intense thrusting makes Ben moan with pleasure, his own cock throbbing and moist with precum. Not quite done yet, Ben is on his back for a final pounding. Jason starts slow then builds up, fucking him harder, as Ben plays with his now hard cock. He is clearly ready to cum at any time, but trying hard to hold off. As Jason pounds him deep, he can’t hold back any longer, and shoots a good thick load over his abs. Then Jason pulls out and strokes for a moment, before shooting his warm load all over Ben, squeezing out every last drop.

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