Justin Blake Fucks Guy Rogers

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In this hot scene, blue eyed blonde surfer boy Justin Blake gets an awesome servicing from hairy bisexual Guy Rogers. The two start off getting a feel of each others growing bulges, followed by some hot nipple sucking. With their dicks pulled out, they jerk each other off, before taking turns fucking face. Justin demonstrates his deepthroat skills. Then Guy tries, but Justin’s cock is way too big and fat for him to swallow. On the sofa, Justin sucks Guy again, then Guy manages to get Justin’s fat cock pretty much all the way down his throat. Justin spreads Guy’s hairy butt cheeks and sticks his tongue in to lick his ass. Eager to fuck, Guy rides it for a bit, facing us, then facing Justin. Finally, Guy is on his back for one last deep fucking. This does the trick and he shoots onto his hairy abs. Guy opens his mouth and Justin squirts cum over his face and into his mouth. He shoots plenty, and it’s all shown in slow motion.

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