Riku Fucks Nobu

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Both of these Japanese boys enjoy the sensual touch of a man. Long, lingering kisses with full on fondling, has both Riku and Nobu up and hard even before they undress one another. So sensitive are Riku’s nipples, that Nobu can’t help but spend some time licking them. Nobu is enthralled with sucking Riku’s dick. Then it’s the top’s turn and he pushes Riku’s face into his crotch. The pair intertwine their bodies, while sucking on each other’s hard cock. Nobu then lubes up Riku’s hole and finger fucks his bottom. Taking the bottom boy from behind, Nobu pants softly as he fucks Riku’s ass. Flipping to his back, Riku opens himself up fully to allow Nobu total access. Riku blows his load and a huge pool of cum lands on his smooth stomach. Pulling out, Riku strokes until he too unloads on his bottom’s belly.

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