Spit Roasting Hans Berlin

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Joe Gunn leads Hans Berlin to the sitting room and the two jump on each other as soon as they hit the sofa. Joe pulls Hans’ cock out and goes down on it, while playing with his hole. Hans spreads his legs and lets Joe finger him, before kneeling on the floor and servicing his cock. Joe knows what Hans is waiting for and starts rimming his ass to loosen it up. While Joe is on the floor, face buried in Hans ass crack, Geoffrey Paine walks in and joins the party. He takes his cock out and fills Hans’ mouth, muffling his moans, while Joe pushes his cock inside and stars fucking him hard. They turn him around and Geoffrey fills his ass again while Joe uses his mouth until he cums all over Hans’ shoulder. Satisfied, Joe collapses, leaving Geoffrey to have his way with Hans’ ass.

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